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Find answers to common questions about the

DC Medical Marijuana Program

Q. What will I need for my consultation?

A: You will need a Photo ID and medical records pertaining to the condition of which you are trying to seek assistance with. Medical records may consist of your most recent visit/care summary from your primary care or practitioner overseeing your qualifying condition.

Q. How do I set up an appointment with a registered Medical Marijuana Practitioner in the District of Columbia ?

A: Please visit our SCHEDULING page online or give us a call at 877-560-3792 and one of our friendly staff members will coordinate a date and time for you to get evaluated by one of our registered Medical Marijuana Practitioners.


Q. How do I get a D.C. Medical Marijuana card?

A. Please find the application instructions HERE. See a quick overview below.

Step 1:Get a Medical Marijuana Certified Doctor’s Referral

Step 2: Fill out and Submit a Department of Health Application along with two (2) forms of residency. (Cost $100 or $25 for qualifying LIP Patients)

Step 3: The Department of Health will mail your Medical Marijuana Card.


Q. How much will my Medical Marijuana application cost?

A: The cost for a consultation with one of our practitioners is $200. This price includes your evaluation, assistance with paperwork. The cost for re-evaluation is $150. Find our most updated fees HERE. In addition, there is Department of Health Application fee of $100 ($25 for qualifying LIP Patients).


Q. What are the qualifying conditions that would allow me to receive my Medical Marijuana Card?

A: In order to receive a recommendation, you must have one of the following qualifying conditions, or you are receiving treatment for a chronic or debilitating disease or a medical condition that causes:

• cachexia

• anorexia

• glaucoma

• severe nausea

• wasting syndrome

• severe or chronic pain

• post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

• seizures, or severe or persistent muscle spasms

• a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that results in being admitted into a hospice facility or receiving palliative care.

• Approvals may also be granted for other conditions that are severe and resistant to conventional medicine for which other medical treatments have been ineffective.


Q. Where can I send my Medical records so they can be viewed by the practitioner at my medical marijuana appointment?

A: Please upload through our secure portal on our SCHEDULING page.


Q. I already came in for an appointment. When will I be notified that Department of Health has issued cards and what are the next steps?

A: Upon determination of a qualifying condition, we will contact DC Department of Health and notify them of our recommendation of your qualification for medical marijuana. You should then expect to receive your state-issued Medical Marijuana card within three (3) to six (6) weeks in the mail.  It can then be taken to a dispensary where you can purchase your medical marijuana.


Q. How do I register as a patient or caregiver?

A: Medical Marijuana Caregiver registration can be found at the Department of

Health Website


Q. Will my insurance company cover the certification process, consultation or Medical marijuana application?

A: No. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of a medical marijuana recommendation.


Q. What will take place during a visit with us?

A. A registered medical practitioner will perform a physical, review your most recent medical “visit/care summary” provided by your doctor, assess your medical history, and provide you with next steps towards receiving a recommendation.. Our staff will provide follow-up care as needed.


Q. Where can I get medical cannabis once I am certified for Medical Marijuana?

A: Please find DC Department of Health’s list of dispensaries.


Q. Do I need a patient ID card?

A: You are required to show your ID card when entering a dispensary and to purchase.

Q. How much medical cannabis can a qualifying patient possess at one time?

A: A patient may possess up to 120 grams (approximately four ounces) of marijuana in a 30-day period.


Q. Is there a maximum amount of marijuana extract that a patient can have?

A: Yes, a patient may only have up to 36 grams of marijuana extract per 30-day supply.


Q. Can I grow my own medical marijuana or can my caregiver grow it?

A: The laws are different for DC and Maryland residents. DC residents may grow up to six (6) plants per adult in your home.


Q. Do I need to be a resident of the District of Columbia to get a DC Medical Marijuana card?

A: Yes, DC does not allow out-of-state patients to obtain their medical marijuana card and purchase marijuana..


Q. Where is the closest place to find a registered marijuana doctor?

A: Please schedule with one of our practitioners online HERE or call/text us at 877-560-3792 and a representative will help you. We look forward to helping you heal!

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