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Our Practice

Aurora Health Services (AHS) is dedicated to providing high quality medical service to individuals, families and the community. Our focus is to promote health and prevent diseases. 


The health of our children today will determine the health of the nation and the world in the future. Health care costs are skyrocketing daily; the cost of a chronic health condition now will be tripled in the next thirty years. If so much money is spent on treating health conditions, it will impact other government spending in the areas of education, transportation, security and infrastructure. It becomes a huge economic problem that could have been avoided if proactive measures were put into place to prevent the occurrence of such health conditions.


We encourage individuals and families to take charge of their health and work towards preventing chronic health conditions and/or preventing the debilitating long term effects and manifestations of chronic diseases.


At AHS we partner with you to help you become a healthier you. We focus on health maintenance and weight management through healthy and balanced diets, routine exercises, weight loss, diabetes education, wellness counseling. We will also see you for your minor health concerns such as sinus infections, urinary tract infection, common cold, cough, flu, minor skin rashes and infections, ear infections, nausea/vomiting and other services.


Other Services:

We are also certified in providing Medical Cannabis Recommendations

At AHS we appreciate the services of our veterans so we dedicate a great percentage of our time providing medical services for our veterans through compensation and pension exams.

Meet the Owner
Boma Alamina

Family Nurse Practitioner

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